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P E R S P E C T I V E .

We know this has been a long time coming and that you are #stillwaiting 😇.

When we started this band in Cody's Grandma's basement, we sat down and discussed what we wanted to do with this band. We talked about making records, playing shows, going on tour, making music videos, sharing moments with our closest friends, and most importantly making sure this band lasts forever. Tall order in today's music world but as long as we keep showing up and writing songs, it will always be moving forward. In life we have learned that even just showing up is enough to keep momentum even on those days you don't want to get out of bed let alone leave your house. It is truly amazing what you can accomplish if you can fight through the tough times and it definitely helps when you know you are being counted on by your brothers in the band. So far we have released 17 songs in 4 years on Spotify, starting with the release of our First Full Length Record "Late Night Thoughts". A 13 songs record recorded in the hills of Northern Illinois with Chris Himmel, who quickly became like another member of the band. We sat in his house for hours on end trying to figure out how we could capture our sound live...with no real experience in tracking a whole band in a room with some mics placed around the room. What turned out was something that sounded unique and raw. It was real and the songs were great, solidifying our stance as a band and making sure those songs that we wrote and finalized together in the first 4 months of being a band we forever documented. Upon releasing the record we immediately went to work and played shows, kept writing, and came across a producer by the name of Kevin Gates. Who has helped create some truly incredible music with Never Shout Never, The Ready Set, Plug In Stereo, Breath Electric, Secondhand Serenade, New American Classic, & Sweet Assent. Some you may know and some you may not but we can assure you once we heard Kevin's work we knew we wanted to take our music to him and have him involved in shaping our sound. The product of that is the "It's Not Safe Here" EP 2016, with stand out singles "It's Not Safe Here" & "Feel Nothing" as well as the First Single we released after "Late Night Thoughts", "Good For Me" the only song on that EP that we didn't really give much spotlight was "Our Generation". We all love to perform "Our Generation" Live and believe it is a jam of jams, it just didn't feel like a single to us. You can listen to it and tell us what you think:

It is safe to say we are ready for new music and we hope you are too. Below you will find some information about our upcoming Full Length Record "PERSPECTIVE."


Our new record "PERSPECTIVE." is another piece of the history of this band, documenting 2 years of life changing moments both good and bad that have helped us realize what is truly important to us. There are moments in the record that will make you feel like you can conquer the world and there are moments that will let you know that we too deal with the dark side of life. In the end it is all about perspective and we now know that we are done looking back on our past. Sure we all have regrets and things we would change but the future is today and all we can do is keep moving forward, making sure we make the most of the here and now. "Perspective." comes out `12.14.18 and you can pre-order your copy today by clicking here

The First Single from "PERSPECTIVE." features Garret Rapp of The Color Morale one of our favorite vocalists of the modern era of metal music. When we decided we wanted to feature someone on this record we knew we wanted Garret because of the impact his lyrics has had on our lives. The Color Morale might not seem like a huge influence in our music but I can assure you they are part of the metal roots in all our lives.


We present to you



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