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Can you imagine growing up in communities with less than 20,000 people and seeing your music reaching across the oceans to countries you have never even been to?

This is such a milestone to celebrate as a band and to think Andy & Cody grew up in the tiny rural towns of Greenfield and Carrollton, IL. Both towns having less than 5,000 residents combined.


"When I was first starting to pursue music, most of the people around me said that it was impossible to make it since I grew up in such a small area. It wasn't until I was asked to join Inner Outlines that I truly felt like anything like this was in arms reach. I don't know what your idea of success is but what this band is accomplishing is my definition of achieving what was thought to be "Impossible". If this band can inspire anyone coming from a small community to pursue their dream, no matter what it is, then we have succeeded." - Andrew Range


Below is a list of the countries that Our Music is being Streamed in this month on Spotify:

United States, Australia, Germany, Philippines, Netherlands, France, Belgium, New Zealand, Israel, United Kingdom, Canada, Switzerland, Colombia, Czech Republic


"We couldn't be happier to see this growing and to know that so many people across the world believe in our music enough to stream it daily on Spotify. When we began this band we knew it was gonna be a battle to gain any exposure on a larger level than just in our tiny home towns. Now we are seeing that it has reached across the oceans to countries we would love to play a show in." - Inner Outlines


The boiz are working hard to achieve their goals and with a New Record coming out December 14th, things are about to go into overdrive. You can Preorder the new Album "PERSPECTIVE." today at and don't for get to follow & stream the "It's Not Safe Here" EP on Spotify.

Spotify Link:

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